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Council is responsible for ensuring that the GOsC fulfils its statutory objectives.

It sets the strategic direction for the organisation and oversees the implementation of that strategy. The detailed role of Council is set out in the Governance Handbook.

Council is made up of five lay members and five osteopath members, all appointed by the Privy Council. For further information about the appointment process see the Appointments page.

Dr Bill Gunnyeon     
Dr Bill Gunnyeon (Chair)
Lay member

 Sarah Botterill  Daniel Bailey  Council member Elizabeth Elander
Sarah Botterill
Lay member

Daniel Bailey
Osteopath member

Elizabeth Elander
Osteopath member

 Caroline Guy  Council member Simeon London  Dr Joan Martin
Caroline Guy
Osteopath member

Simeon London
Osteopath member

Dr Joan Martin
Lay member

 Deborah Bowman  Dr Denis Shaughnessy  Deborah Smith
Professor Deborah Bowman
Lay member

Dr Denis Shaughnessy
Lay member

Deborah Smith
Osteopath member