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Harry Barton

Harry Barton is a GOsC Lay member of Council and is Chair of the Audit Committee and member of the People Committee

Harry has held roles in executive leadership, corporate governance, strategy and sustainability. He has worked with Middlemarch Environmental, who work to protect and restore the natural environment, and Localise West Midlands, a think tank and campaign group promoting an inclusive and circular economy.

Harry has also held senior roles in strategic planning, performance, governance, risk and organisational learning at West Midlands Police, and in strategy, impact, business planning and portfolio management at Energy Systems Catapult. Harry’s strong public service ethos, and his time in the public sector, convinced him of the critical role purpose-driven and net-positive organisations and individuals play in healthy, well functioning societies.

Harry’s passion lies in helping people and businesses thrive to deliver benefits that extend beyond traditional organisational boundaries. Harry holds an MSc in Public Management from INLOGOV, where his thesis considered the effectiveness of UK’s ‘better’, ‘responsive’ and ‘risk-based’ regulation agendas, based on his experience earlier in his career, where he worked in project and change management roles for regulators Ofgem and the Gambling Commission.