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The organisation

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) consists of a Council, Council Associates, its committees and a small team of staff.

The following information is available in Welsh: Ein sefydliad

How we work together

Council is responsible for ensuring that the GOsC fulfils its statutory objectives. It sets the strategic direction for the organisation and oversees the implementation of that strategy. The role of Council is set out in full in the Governance Handbook.

The committees implement the policies of Council and exercise delegated authority for some statutory and regulatory roles.

Fitness to practise cases are dealt with by statutory committees that are independent of Council.

Council Associates are registrants appointed by Council. The Council Associate role permits appointees to participate in the activities of Council as full members but without voting rights.

Dr Bill Gunnyeon, a lay member, is Chair of Council. Council is supported by a team of staff of under 30 people, headed by the Chief Executive and Registrar Matthew Redford. Matthew is accountable to Council for ensuring that our staff implement the GOsC’s policies.


The Council Code of Conduct sets out the standards that Council members must meet in carrying out their roles.

Council, Council Associates and committee members and senior managers must declare and register any interests they have outside of the GOsC.

The Governance Handbook contains information about how the GOsC is structured and managed as well as GOsC policies on remunerating Council and committee members and fitness to practise panellists.

 A diagram of GOsC's governance structure