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Complaints against Council members

The General Osteopathic Council is committed to providing a high-quality, accessible, responsive and transparent service.

The following information is available in Welsh: Cwynion yn erbyn aelodau'r Cyngor

Any complaints or concerns regarding members of Council or its committees, including co-opted members, will be fully investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

First steps

Whenever possible, you should first raise your concerns or complaints with the member of Council or committee. If this seems inappropriate, or if it is impossible to reach a resolution, the formal complaints procedure can be followed.

Making a complaint

This complaints procedure is set out in our leaflet about making a complaint about a Member of the Governance Structure, which includes Council and committee members. You might also wish to refer to our Council Code of Conduct. If you wish to make a formal complaint, you will need to fill in a complaint form and send it to us.

This leaflet and form are available in Welsh. Mae fersiwn Gymraeg o’r daflen hon a'r ffurflen ar gael.

Further information

You can also contact the Council and Executive Support Officer at council@osteopathy.org.uk for further information.

Other complaints

A similar procedure exists for complaints about the GOsC. See Our performance for more information.