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Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee (statutory) hears cases concerning serious unacceptable conduct, incompetence or criminal convictions. If the committee finds any such case proved, it imposes an appropriate sanction on the osteopath.

It consists of up to 18 members, osteopaths and lay persons, who are not Council members and are appointed to the committee by Council. The Committee may co-opt members subject to Rule 3 of the Statutory Committees’ Rules.

The panels that hear individual cases consist of three people, two lay and one osteopath, drawn from members of this committee.

Lay members

  • Alastair Cannon (lay chair)
  • Colin Childs
  • Melissa D'Mello
  • Andrew Harvey (lay Chair and Panel Chair)
  • Rasila Jassal (lay Chair)
  • Morag Mackellar
  • Nora Nanayakkara
  • Pamela Ormerod
  • Mark Osborne (lay chair)
  • Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
  • Andy Skelton (lay chair)

Osteopath members

  • Tom Bedford
  • Claire Cheetham
  • Helena Greenwood
  • Barry Kleinberg
  • Kenneth McLean
  • Abby Mulholland
  • David Propert