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Investigating Committee

The Investigating Committee (statutory) carries out the initial investigation of a complaint against an osteopath when there is an allegation of serious unacceptable conduct, professional incompetence or matters relating to physical or mental ill-health.

It consists of up to 15 members, osteopaths and lay persons, who are not Council members and who are appointed by Council. The Committee may co-opt members, subject to Rule 3 of the Statutory Committees’ Rules.

Lay members

  • Sue Gallone
  • Paul A Grant
  • Eleanor Harding
  • Linda Hawkins
  • Laura Heskins
  • Helena Suffield-Thompson (Panel Chair)
  • Brian Wroe (Chair)

Osteopath members

  • Adam Fiske
  • Caroline Guy
  • Catherine Hamilton-Plant
  • James Hurden
  • Debbie Watt
  • Tamsyn Webb