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Our performance

We aim to provide an effective and efficient service at all times. Our performance as a regulator is regularly reviewed by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care and we also welcome comments from those who use our services. Your feedback is valuable to us as we can use it to improve our services and therefore the service you receive in the future.

Council meetingOn this page, there is information about our annual performance review, how to send us comments and complaints about the GOsC, and how to send us general feedback. There are separate complaints procedures for complaints about osteopaths and members of Council and committees.

Annual performance review

In common with the eight other healthcare regulators, the GOsC is subject to external monitoring by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA). The PSA reviews the performance of all the regulators every year, and presents its findings to Parliament, health ministers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the public and patients, and the professional regulatory bodies. The most recent report, Annual review of performance 2019-2020, was published in July 2020 and is available on the PSA website.

Comments and complaints about the GOsC

We welcome comments at any time via the Feedback facility in all sections of this website, the form on the Contact us page or by emailing us on info@osteopathy.org.uk. We would particularly like to hear from you if you have experienced exceptionally good customer service from us, or you feel someone deserves praise.

We aim to provide an effective and efficient service at all times but we recognise that, on occasion, we may fall short of the standards we set ourselves and what other people expect. We are committed to responding swiftly and efficiently to complaints about our service. As part of our commitment to improving the service we offer, we will endeavour to find out what happened, what may have gone wrong, how we can learn from this and how we will deal with similar situations in the future.

Making a complaint about the GOsCIf you are not happy with the service we have provided, we would encourage you, wherever possible, to raise concerns directly with the member of staff you have been dealing with, or their manager. If this seems inappropriate, or if it is impossible to reach a resolution, there is a formal complaints procedure. This procedure is explained in our leaflet Making a complaint about the GOsC. There is also a complaint form that you can download, print out and post to us when completed.

This leaflet and form are available in Welsh. Mae fersiwn Gymraeg o’r daflen hon a'r ffurflen ar gael.

If you need further information email corporatecomplaints@osteopathy.org.uk or phone the Chief Executive and Registrar’s office on 020 7357 6655 x246. There are separate procedures for complaints about osteopaths and complaints about members of the Council and committees


We welcome comments and feedback about this website and the information on it. If you have any comments or if you have not been able to find the information you want in this section or on the website as a whole, please tell us by emailing webfeedback@osteopathy.org.uk

Customer service

We try to provide a helpful, effective and efficient service at all times and we welcome all comments about our service.

If you have had a good experience with us let us know using the website Contact Us form. 

If you are unhappy about the service you received we would also like to know. Use the Contact us form or see our Customer service page for details of how to make a complaint to us.