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Our Strategy

The General Osteopathic Council Strategy covers the period from April 2024 to March 2030 and builds on the achievements of the Strategic Plan 2019-2024.

The front cover of the GOsC strategy documentThe following information is available in Welsh: Cynllun Strategol

The purpose of our Strategy is to:

  • describe what Council wishes the organisation to achieve
  • set the direction of the GOsC’s work, led by the Chief Executive and Registrar
  • provide a framework for the monitoring of the GOsC’s performance by Council

Our priorities

Strengthening trust
We will work to enhance and improve our relationships with those we work with so together we can help protect patients and the public.

Championing inclusivity
It is important to us that people who interact with us, or who work for us, can be their true selves and that we understand and break down any barriers which prevent them from doing so.

Embracing innovation
We will continually seek out and take opportunities to improve what we do and how we do it, so we continue to improve as an organisation.

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Our vision and values

Our vision is to be an inclusive, innovative regulator trusted by all.

Our values underpin the way we work now and in the future. This includes how we work with patients and the public, osteopaths and stakeholders and how we work within our organisation in and across our teams. We work collaboratively to be an influential and respectful regulator with an evidence-informed approach.

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Business Plan

Each year we publish a detailed Business Plan setting out the work we will do to meet our goals. Copies of this are available on request by emailing finance@osteopathy.org.uk. Council receives a report of progress against the annual Business Plan at each meeting.