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COVID-19: CPD requirements

Updated on 5 May 2020

The requirement of the CPD scheme is to complete 90 hours of CPD over the three years of your cycle, so there is flexibility built into the scheme.

However, given the unprecedented and difficult circumstances we all face concerning the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the process of verification and assurance has been put on hold. We will no longer be contacting a sample of osteopaths at the end of their CPD year for the time being.

At of the time of your annual renewal of registration, you will be asked to declare on your Renewal of Registration form (which will be available on the o zone) how many hours of CPD activities you have completed within the past 12 months and which parts of the new CPD scheme you have covered. This CPD should be recorded and reflected upon. You might want to have a look at the March/April issue of The Osteopath which has a detailed article about keeping CPD records. 

Unlike the previous CPD scheme (if you were on that), there is no longer a need to submit an annual CPD summary form with all the details of your CPD activities, with regard to CPD you now just need to declare the number of hours you have done and which features of the scheme you have completed that year.

In the current circumstances, there are lots of ways that you can do CPD remotely and for free to support you to connect with others at this time and also to keep up to date, for example:

Further information about the CPD scheme and resources to support you to complete CPD are available at cpd.osteopathy.org.uk and, for example, here’s a case study from a group of osteopaths who set up a virtual group: cpd.osteopathy.org.uk/learn-from-others/stories/1268