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Fitness to practise

As the regulator for osteopaths, we must ensure that all practitioners on the Register maintain proper and professional standards and conduct. The Osteopathic Practice Standards support osteopaths in improving their practice and complying with legislation ensuring high-quality care for patients.

Fitness to practise protects both osteopaths and patients. Maintaining patient safety and public confidence in the osteopathic profession means that we must investigate and consider concerns raised about osteopaths’ conduct, competence or health.

Concerns may fall within one of several categories (called ‘allegations’) as defined by law, including:

  • conduct which has fallen short of the standard required
  • professional incompetence
  • conviction of a criminal offence
  • serious impairment because of physical or mental health

You can read more about our concerns process and about our hearings.

Guidance for osteopaths

Fitness to practise - complaints procedureFitness to practise - complaints procedure explains the GOsC's general fitness to practise procedures and sets out what an osteopath needs to do if a concern is raised about them.





Hearings guidance for osteopathsHearings guidance for osteopaths contains detailed guidance about preparing for and attending a hearing. It will be provided to osteopaths if a case against them is referred for a hearing.






We have a range of resources, including some interesting case studies which can help explain fitness to practise and provide greater understanding and insight into how the process works. Fitness to practise resources