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Patient voice

The following information is available in Welsh: Llais cleifion

A major priority for the GOsC is to listen and learn from osteopathy patients. We want to work in partnership with patients and osteopaths to make sure that we put patients at the heart of what we do, and to do everything we can to maximise the opportunities patients have to share their views. As part of our plans for greater partnership working, we are looking for patients who would be interested in taking part in any or all of a range of upcoming activities, including focus groups, workshops and articles, but we need your help.

Are your patients keen to share their feedback? Would they like to help inform health regulation, education, and standards? If so, please encourage them to get in touch. We have created some posters/flyers you can use in your practice to help highlight this opportunity to your patients.

To download a poster/flyer, click on the image.

Patient Views Posters

If you have your own ideas for how we can enhance our partnership working with patients, or if you would like to share learning from your successful patient engagement activities, then do let us know. Please email Rachel Heatley at: goscmail@osteopathy.org.uk.