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Starting a conversation: developing our new strategy

10 August 2022

Matthew reflects on how we are using our learning about the GOsC’s performance to set a path for developing our next Strategic Plan, working together with the profession.

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Creating a network with other healthcare professionals helps to deliver the highest standards of patient care

7 June 2022

Clive Lathey, an osteopath and sports injury specialist, explains how he regularly works in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to benefit his patients.

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How osteopaths are responding to our equality, diversity and inclusion pilot so far

13 April 2022

Stacey reflects on the latest feedback from the survey and the focus groups as part of GOsC’s equality, diversity and inclusion pilot.

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Recognising the different strengths and skills of other health professionals

4 February 2022

Gabriel Antoni Pineda shares his experience of working with other health professionals as part of a collaborative team to help improve the quality of life for patients.

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LGBT+ History Month, the GOsC and me

1 February 2022

February is LGBT+ History Month, which aims to raise awareness of, and combat prejudice against, the LGBT+ community, while celebrating its achievement and diversity and making the community more visible. In this blog, Matthew reflects on what LGBT+ History Month means to him and the work of the GOsC.

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Series Review: Thinking about professional boundaries: what would you do?

14 January 2022

GOsC Policy Manager Steven Bettles rounds up the series of scenarios, as well as providing a response to the final scenario from last month.

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How to access IJOM journals on the GOsC o zone

13 January 2022

Osteopaths can access a wealth of research journals on the o zone to help with their CPD, including the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and individual articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

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Collaboration with other healthcare professionals is an integral part of my work as an osteopath

12 January 2022

Zoë Clark highlights how sharing knowledge through collaborative working can help deliver improved outcomes for patients.

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