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Recruiting for a diverse GOsC decision-making committee

22 March 2024

Andrew Harvey, Chair of GOsC’s Professional Conduct Committee and the Health Committee, encourages a diverse range of applicants, including from across the UK.

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Reflecting on Convention 2023

10 November 2023

Convention 2023 marked 30 years of recognition since the passing of the Osteopaths Act 1993, here Matthew shares his reflections on attending this once in a lifetime event.

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Helping to protect the public though fair decision-making

14 August 2023

Brian Wroe, Chair of GOsC’s Investigating Committee talks about recruitment to the committee which begins in September and his aim to encourage diversity of thought through attracting a diverse range of applicants.

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Fairness and independence: what it takes to be a decision maker in healthcare regulation

14 March 2023

Andrew Harvey, Chair of GOsC’s Professional Conduct Committee and the Health Committee, talks about recruitment to both committees starting in April 2023, and his hopes to encourage a more diverse range of applicants.

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Working with other healthcare professionals can offer a new perspective

20 September 2022

David Propert describes how his experience of collaborative working in a multi-disciplinary practice has led to seamless patient referrals and positive working relationships with other health professionals in his local community.

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How osteopaths are responding to our equality, diversity and inclusion pilot so far

13 April 2022

Stacey reflects on the latest feedback from the survey and the focus groups as part of GOsC’s equality, diversity and inclusion pilot.

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How can osteopaths support the development of osteopathic education?

15 February 2022

We encourage osteopaths interested in becoming quality assurance Visitors to make an application before 4 March. In this blog Kabir explains what it means to be a Visitor and how to apply.

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Recognising the different strengths and skills of other health professionals

4 February 2022

Gabriel Antoni Pineda shares his experience of working with other health professionals as part of a collaborative team to help improve the quality of life for patients.

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