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The Osteopath

We published the final issue of The Osteopath magazine in February 2021. Search the archive of back issues for information and practical guidance on the CPD scheme; the Osteopathic Practice Standards; research; fitness to practise and hear from osteopaths and patients about their experiences and views.

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Spring 2021

The Osteopath spring 21 cover 200x267

Volume 23 Issue 6

In the final issue of The Osteopath magazine, we outline how the GOsC plans to embrace more ways to listen and engage with osteopaths and other stakeholders. Plus:

  • How to capture patient views about COVID-19 for CPD
  • Regulation: how can we make it better?
  • Professional Conduct Committee Chair explains its role in ensuring fairness and justice

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Previous issues

 The Osteopath winter cover 100x141

Winter 2020 Volumne 23 Issue 5

How has COVID-19 affected your CPD?

  • Taking CPD survey can help reflect on your practice
  • Reporting on patient views on impact of COVID-19
  • How to turn a face-to-face CPD group into an online one


The Osteopath Autumn 2020 front cover

Autumn 2020 Volume 23 Issue 4

In this issue, we continue to highlight our COVID-19 related guidance.

  • We look at areas for consideration as osteopaths continue to return to practise
  • NHS Patient Director David Gilbert shares his views on the impact COVID-19 has had on patient engagement
  • We discuss preparing for and carrying out a Peer Discussion Review (PDR) remotely

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The Osteopath vol 22 issue 3 front cover

Summer 2020 Volume 23 Issue 3

The latest summer issue of The Osteopath magazine includes a focus on COVID-19.

  • Two osteopaths discuss adapting to new ways of practising
  • We look at how you can carry out your CPD remotely
  • Matthew Redford helps explain the distinctions between the roles of the GOsC and the Institute of Osteopathy.

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The Osteopath March/April 2020 cover image

March/April 2020 Volume 23 Issue 2

Keeping CPD records

A comprehensive guide to keeping track of your CPD activities. Features include:

  • What you need to include in your CPD records
  • Your questions about the CPD scheme answered
  • Getting patients involved in education
  • Insurance: why having the correct cover is vital
The Osteopath Jan/Feb 2020 cover image

January/February 2020 (Volume 23 Issue 1)

Understanding the patient perspective

  • Exploring the benefits of patient engagement with regulation, plus:
  • Planning CPD: find out how other osteopaths are approaching this
  • Clinical audit: a practical case study from NCOR
  • What causes concerns? Learnings from the latest sector-wide report
The Osteopath Nov Dec 2019 front cover

November/December 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 6)

Communication and consent

In this issue, we focus on communication and consent in practice:

  • Why communication and consent is important in the new CPD scheme
  • What impact has the Montgomery judgment had on patient consent?
  • Find out what our CPD survey said
  • Case-based discussions: osteopaths share examples
The Osteopath September/October 2019 cover

September/October 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 5)

The Osteopathic Practice Standards: guiding good practice

In a special issue to mark the updated Osteopathic Practice Standards (OPS) coming into effect, read perspectives on why the Standards are important in everyday practice. Other features include:

  • How to use the OPS as a framework for decision-making
  • Find out how osteopaths are linking their CPD to the OPS themes
  • Connecting virtually for CPD: an osteopath shares her top tips
  • How to get and display your Registration Mark
The Osteopath July/August 2019

July/August 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 4)

Working and learning with osteopaths and other health professionals

Find out how communicating and learning with osteopaths and other health professionals can enhance practice and lead to more joined-up, high-quality patient care. Features include:

  • Exploring how touch is communicated in the context of manual therapy
  • Interprofessional learning: find out more about the benefits
  • Focus on OPS: observing others in practice
  • Practising Peer Discussion Review
The Osteopath vol 22 issue 3 small

May/June 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 3)

How patient feedback can inform your practice

Learn more about the different ways to gather patient feedback and read a case study by an osteopath who shares insights on how using and analysing patient feedback can enable improvement of service and growth of practice. Other features include:

  • Focus on standards: raising concerns
  • Find your nearest regional or local group to connect with others for CPD
  • How your CPD will be verified in the new scheme
  • Why osteopaths recommend taking part in this year’s CPD survey

The Osteopath vol 22 issue 2 front cover

March/April 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 2)

Your CPD scheme, your views: take part in the annual CPD Survey

How taking part in this year’s CPD Evaluation Survey will help osteopaths to plan and reflect on their CPD, while providing valuable feedback to enable the GOsC to continue developing tools and resources. Other features include:

  • Osteopaths try out case-based discussion, an objective activity option in the new CPD scheme
  • Ways to connect and communicate for CPD
  • Safeguarding patients: guidance in the updated Standards
  • Why research is good for osteopaths and their patients

The Osteopath Jan/Feb 2019 cover 200x283

January/February 2019 (Volume 22 Issue 1)

Concerns fall to a five-year low but communication and consent still main issues

Read the results and learning points form the most recent sector-wide report on concerns raised against osteopaths. Other features include:

  • What exactly is an objective activity?
  • How to use research for CPD
  • Check out the Keeping CPD Records: new workbook
  • Osteopath, Emily Moss, on setting up a CPD group in Petersfield
  • Boundaries: explaining guidance in the updated Osteopathic Practice Standards
 The Osteopath November/December 2018

November/December 2018 (Volume 21 Issue 6)

Guiding your practice: focus on updated Osteopathic Practice Standards

This issue focuses on the updated Osteopathic Practice Standards that come into force in September 2019. Other features include:

  • Read CPD Guidance online
  • What do patients think? Find out what YouGov survey reveals
  • How clinical audit could help reduce missed patient appointments
  • Find out about the new CPD Diary
 The Osteopath September/October 2018

September/October 2018 (Volume 21 Issue 5)

All you need to know: your essential guide to the new CPD scheme

Read an overview of the new scheme in the specially redesigned launch issue of The Osteopath, including:

  • The new CPD scheme at a glance
  • How to reflect on your CPD
  • Introduction to Peer Discussion Review
  • Connecting with others for CPD 
The Osteopath JuneJuly 2018

June/July/August 2018 (Volume 21 Issue 4)

Sharing learning and experience

Osteopaths share learning and experience while carrying out case-based discussions. Also in this issue:

  • Connect with others for CPD: how to set up a new group
  • Data protection: what you need to know and privacy notices
  • Research: The Lancet low back pain series
  • Nocturnal leg cramps: a research summary
 The Osteopath AprilMay 2018

April/May 2018 (Volume 21 Issue 3)

New CPD survey: what you told us and a guide to free CPD resources

Also in this edition:

  • Getting patient feedback: involving patients to improve your practice
  • Building communities: ways to connect and support each other with CPD
  • Using patient testimonials for advertising or publicity: what you need to know
  • Guide to new EU data protection rules to be introduced in May 2018
the osteopath feb/march 2018

February/March 2018 (Volume 21 Issue 1)

Prepare for the new CPD scheme by finding out how to use clinical audit in practice

Also in this edition:

  • 'Clinical audit should improve my patient care': osteopath, Penny Dathan shares her learning
  • Find out about resources for clinical audit and other objective activity options for new CPD scheme
  • 'Text neck': new research reveals how smartphone use is affecting patients
 the osteopath magazine December 2017/January 2018

December 2017/January 2018 (Volume 20 Issue 6)

Get ready for the new CPD scheme by trying out peer observation as an objective activity

Also in this edition:

  • 'Observations are time well spent': osteopath, Mary Bridger, shares tips for peer observation
  • What are the most common concerns raised against osteopaths? Learn more in the latest sector-wide report
  • Read reviews of research papers on restless legs syndrome by the Bristol research hub.
 the osteopath magazine October November 2017

October/November 2017 (Volume 20 Issue 5)

'No set scripts and no set patients': exploring why effective communication with patients about risks is a clinical decision

The GOsC's Policy Manager, Steven Bettles, explores effective communication. Also in this edition:

  • How your registration fee is spent: highlights of the GOsC's Annual Report
  • What to include in your annual CPD form
  • Handling conflicts of interest: how to make sure you're putting patients' interests first
  • Read research about the use of trigger points in the management of patients' symptoms.

the osteopath magazine, August/September 2017

August/September 2017 (Volume 20 Issue 4)

Osteopathic Practice Standards: share your views on draft revised standards

Read about the background to the consultation and an explanation of the main revisions, to help you share your views in the GOsC’s consultation on the revised Osteopathic Practice Standards. Also in this edition:

  • Osteopath Maria Hayes explains how she gathered and used patient feedback
  • Find out the main causes of complaints in the GOsC’s annual fitness to practise report
  • How to handle complaints and communication effectively
  • How NCOR can support your professional development
 the osteopath June/July 2017

June/July 2017 (Volume 20 Issue 3)

Countdown to new CPD: exploring the benefits of case-based discussions

Early adopters try out new methods and talk about the benefits of case-based discussions. Also in this edition:

  • CPD: reflecting, recording and reviewing
  • What you need to know about the new CPD scheme
  • How the PROMs app makes getting patient feedback even easier
  • Your FAQs: how can I get a DBS check?
 the osteopath magazine, April/May 2017

April/May 2017 (Volume 20 Issue 2)

Ready for the new CPD scheme? Osteopaths share approaches to learning

Getting ready for the new CPD scheme in 2018: more than 350 osteopaths feedback on their current CPD activities plus tips on how to plan ahead and overcome common challenges like time pressures.

Other features in this edition include: Complaints: are some osteopaths at higher risk?; how to protect your patient data from cyber-criminals; supporting principals to mentor their associates; meet the new members joining the GOsC Council; how patients can self-manage long-term pain: latest research from NCOR.

'the osteopath' magazine, February/March 2017

February/March 2017 (Volume 20 Issue 1)

The ABC of CPD: Helping you prepare for the new approach to CPD

The lead article takes you through our new CPD website designed to answer your questions about the new CPD scheme and let you try out the new CPD resources. Other key features focus on equality law and your practice; maintaining boundaries on social media; the Osteopathic Leadership Programme; draft guidance for osteopaths on our fitness to practise process; research updates; osteopathy in the performing arts; and new NICE guidance on the management of low back pain.

the osteopath December 2016/January 2017

December 2016/January 2017 (Volume 19 Issue 6)

Baby talk: what can your advertising say about treating children and pregnant women?

New guidance on advertising from the ASA is the subject of the lead article in this issue. Other key articles focus on recognising osteopaths’ areas of expertise and protecting your practice against phishing. We also look at the progress of early adopters of the new CPD scheme; the importance of keeping your practice details up-to-date; our work on protecting the title ‘osteopath’; GOsC resources in Welsh; and the research journals available to you free-of-charge.

 the osteopath October/November 2016

October/November 2016 (Volume 19 Issue 5)

Notes and queries: dealing with requests to access patient records

In ‘In Practice’ we examine what to do if you want to share sensitive patient information with another health professional or you are asked for it by someone else. Elsewhere in this issue, we bring you updates on the new CPD scheme, Council and committee recruitment and osteopathy research. Other key articles include the potential for regulation to play a more supportive role; the treatment of headaches, what to do if you want to retire or leave the Register and selling a human skeleton.

the osteopath August/September 2016

August/September 2016 (Volume 19 Issue 4)

Ready steady...Be among the first to adopt the new CPD scheme

The benefits to osteopaths of joining our community of early adopters, clinical audit as a way of obtaining feedback on practice and the types of issues that prompted patient concerns and complaints in 2015 are key features in this issue. Other articles include data security; mentoring for new graduates and making practice websites work for you and your patients. Other topics in this issue include Brexit and osteopathy; assessor vacancies; patient-reported outcomes and osteopathy at the Olympics.
the osteopath June/July 2016

June/July 2016 (Volume 19 Issue 3)

Building the evidence: let patients tell you what works for them

An app that collects feedback directly from patients to demonstrate the outcomes of osteopathic care is the focus of our leading article. Other key articles include the rollout of the new CPD scheme, how to become one of the CPD ‘early adopters’, and how long patient records should be kept. Topics in this issue also include Council and committee vacancies; improving the patient experience; patient dignity and the standing examination; animal osteopathy and starting a new regional society.


the osteopath April/May 2016

April/May 2016 (Volume 19 Issue 2)

What would you change? Help make the standards work better for you

Have you added your voice to our review of the Osteopathic Practice Standards yet? This issue gives an update on the review. Other key articles include the new CPD scheme and becoming an early adopter; an introduction to our new, slimmed-down Council; and a preview of our forthcoming guidance for witnesses at hearings.


 the osteopath Feb/March 2016

February/March 2016 (Volume 19 Issue 1)

Local heroes: building osteopathic communities

Half the UK’s osteopaths belong to local osteopathic groups, whose importance to the profession is our focus on this issue. Other articles cover our review of the Osteopathic Practice Standards, the use of patient data for e-marketing, peer observation, the National Osteopathic Archive, and how reflection benefits practice.

the osteopath Dec15/Jan16

December 2015/January 2016 (Volume 18 Issue 6)

New directions for CPD

Comments received during our 2015 consultation on the new CPD scheme, and an outline of next steps in implementing the scheme; patients’ views on candour and raising concerns about their treatment; GOsC support for final-year students; managing patient data; assessing capacity to consent; and soliciting patient feedback.

the osteopath Oct/Nov 15

October/November 2015 (Volume 18 Issue 5)

Learning from mistakes

Common concerns raised by patients, and how best to gain patients’ informed consent and involve them in decision-making; key GOsC activities during 2014-15; complying with the duty of candour in practice; prioritising and planning your CPD; how to act on suspicions of child abuse; and osteopathy and the performing arts.

 the osteopath cover August/September 2015

August/September 2015 (Volume 18 Issue 4)

Getting to know you…

More findings from our research into public perceptions of osteopathy - what do patients expect from their treatment, and what information should you provide for new patients? Plus: deciding your CPD priorities; recruitment for Council and fitness to practise roles; and the use of patient feedback.

 the osteopath June July 2015

June/July 2015 (Volume 18 Issue 3)

Going public

Research into public perceptions - how much confidence do people have in osteopaths, and what do prospective patients want to know? Plus: guidance on advertising standards; publicising osteopaths' specialist interests and expertise; the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision; and the role of 'values-based practice' in shared decision-making.

the osteopath April/May 2015  

April/May 2015 (Volume 18 Issue 2)

Effective regulation

Findings from research into how osteopathy can best be regulated; answers to common questions about the proposed new CPD scheme; how we investigate complaints, and details of complaints dealt with in 2014-15; guidance to prepare osteopathy students for practice; and results from our annual survey of new registrants.

the osteopath Feb-March 2015 100x141

February/March 2015 (Volume 18 Issue 1)

CPD in the spotlight

Launching our consultation on proposals for a new CPD scheme; helping osteopaths to develop leadership skills; how the GOsC seeks patients' views; the Francis report, two years on; new insurance rules; common issues in patient complaints; and funding research into osteopathy's effectiveness in treating children. 


the osteopath Dec 14-Jan 15

December 14/January 15 (Volume 17 Issue 6)

It’s good to talk

How communication is at the heart of the GOsC's proposed new CPD scheme for osteopaths; incorporating values into osteopathic practice standards; update on the Osteopathic Development Group's work; the importance of regional groups; identifying children at risk of abuse, and sharing information about challenging situations.

the osteopath Oct-Nov 2014

October/November 2014 (Volume 17 Issue 5)

Commitment to candour

Details of the professional duty of candour introduced following the Francis Report into Mid-Staffordshire Hospital; 'pathfinder groups' help to shape the development of continuing fitness to practise; osteopaths’ advertising; Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs); the National Osteopathic Archive; and standing at work. 

 the osteopath Aug-Sept 2014

August/September 2014 (Volume 17 Issue 4)

Research in focus

A special issue, with information about funding for research into osteopathy, making a research proposal, 'research hubs' and how to get involved in research. Plus: seeking views on the effectiveness of regulation; continuing fitness to practise update; and the GOsC’s performance review by the Professional Standards Authority.

 the osteopath June-July 2014

June/July 2014 (Volume 17 Issue 3)

Changes to the law on regulation?

Consultations on whistleblowing and enforcement of title; research into effective regulation; Government review of healthcare professional regulation; improving CPD; understanding fibromyalgia; withdrawal of certification mark; what counts as CPD; Osteopathy Development Group updates. 

 the osteopath April-May 2014

April/May 2014 (Volume 17 issue 2)

Patient perceptions

Feedback from patient and public focus groups; work of our fitness to practise committees; updates on the continuing fitness to practise scheme and research into effective regulation; research into advanced clinical practice; osteopathy at the Winter Olympics; interpreting research; preserving patient confidentiality.

 the osteopath Feb-March 2014 100x141

February/March 2014 (Volume 17 Issue 1)

Promoting your registration

Helping osteopaths to show patients they are regulated healthcare professionals; communicating risks and benefits; lessons from the Francis Report; registration fee reduction; new research commissioned on the effectiveness of regulation; how to register in Australia; continuing fitness to practise.

 The Osteopath December 2013-January 2014

December 2013/January 2014 (Volume 16 Issue 6)

Should osteopaths review peers?

The role of osteopathic organisations and regional groups in the continuing fitness to practise process; new fitness to practise and consent guidance; fee reduction and insurance consultations; e-learning to support the Osteopathic Practice Standards; resources for new graduates and final-year students; projects to develop the profession; the law on giving injections; FORE meeting in Malta; pain medications; the enhanced IJOM research resources package.

 The Osteopath October-November 2013

October/November 2013 (Volume 16 Issue 5)

Supporting the regions

Strengthening the regional infrastructure of the osteopathic profession; future changes to professional indemnity insurance; recruitment to three GOsC committees; research into the effectiveness of regulation; changes to the CPD audit process; osteopathy in Portugal; consultation on a European osteopathic standard; early signs of bone cancer.

 The Osteopath August-September 2013

August/September 2013 (Volume 16 Issue 4)

Review of the year

Financial report for 2012-2013; how the GOsC proposes to support development projects; the evolution of revalidation; a reminder about advertising; osteopathic statistics; seminar on continuing fitness to practise; new GOsC data retention policy; developing NHS osteopathy in Wales; osteopathy in Canada.

 The Osteopath June-July 2013

June/July 2013 (Volume 16 Issue 3)

The Francis Report: What can the profession learn?

Implications for the osteopathic profession of the Francis Report on the failings at Mid Staffs Hospital; Patient Partnership Group; professionalism in practice; CPD audits and resources; article by Maurice Cheng, new CEO of the British Osteopathic Association; starting out in practice.

 The Osteopath April-May 2013

April/May 2013 (Volume 16 Issue 2)

Reporting on fitness to practise

Fitness to practise report 2012-13; interview with the Chair of Council; evaluating the revalidation scheme pilot; update on the development of the profession programme; news from the National Council for Osteopathic Research, a new app enabling osteopaths to read the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine on mobile devices.

 The Osteopath February-March 2013

February/March 13 (Volume 16 Issue 1)

Save time, do it online

How renewing registration and submitting CPD online saves time and money; reduced fees for 2013-2014; new Council members; new GOsC Corporate Plan; initial findings of the revalidation pilot; consultation on sanctions in fitness to practise cases; dealing with ethical issues.

This issue also contained an insert, A development agenda for UK osteopathy: a joint statement from organisations including the GOsC about the future development of the osteopathic profession.


The Osteopath December 2012-January 2013

December 2012/January 2013 (Volume 15 Issue 6)

Acting on your feedback

Feedback received through the osteopaths’ opinion survey and how we are responding; revalidation update; auditing CPD; non-practising status; local professional networks; what’s new with IJOM; Any Qualified Provider; using social media safely.

 the osteopath oct/nov 2012

October/November 12 (Volume 14 Issue 5)

Communicating risk

Results of the Clinical Risk Osteopathy and Management (CROaM) study; explaining benefits and risks to patients; Olympics round-up; assessing revalidation; osteopathy worldwide; consent guidance consultation; the IJOM Plus research journals package; coloured flags in osteopathic practice; GOsC financial report for 2011-2012. 

 the osteopath aug/sept 2012

August/September 2012 (Volume 14 Issue 4)

Putting OPS into action

How to keep your practice standards up to date following the introduction of the new Osteopathic Practice Standards on 1 September; regional conference round-up; osteopaths’ opinion survey findings; new practice information leaflets; the GOsC’s performance review report.

 the osteopath June/July 2012

June/July 2012 (Volume 14 Issue 3)

Interactive learning 

o zone resources to support the introduction of the new Osteopathic Practice Standards; more about professionalism in the OPS; appointment of assessors for the revalidation pilot; public information leaflets; osteopathy at the Olympics; the Council of Osteopathic Educational Institutions; osteopathy in Europe.

 the osteopath April/May 2012

April/May 2012 (Volume 14 Issue 2)

Developing the profession

GOsC discussion document UK osteopathy: Ten questions for the next ten years; Section D (Professionalism) of the Osteopathic Practice Standards; pitfalls for health professionals of social networking; 2012 GOSC regional conferences; fitness to practise report 2011/2012; preparing students for practice; conviction of a practitioner falsely claiming to be an osteopath; Law Commission review of healthcare regulation.

 the osteopath Feb/March 2012

February/March 2012 (Volume 15 Issue 1)

Safety and quality in practice 

Section C of the new Osteopathic Practice Standards, focusing on patient records; consultation on a GOsC fee reduction; 2012 regional conferences; revalidation round-up; announcing the GOsC Facebook page; introducing the new Chair of Council.



 the osteopath Dec/Jan 2011

December 2011/January 2012 (Volume 14 Issue 6)

Knowledge, skills and performance

Putting into practice the Osteopathic Practice Standards; revalidation update; IJOM Plus readership survey; CPD discussion document; new Chair of the GOsC; GOsC Patient and Public Partnership Group. 

 the osteopath Oct/Nov 2011

October/November 2011 (Volume 14 Issue 5)

Communications and patient partnership

 the osteopath Aug/Sept 2011

August/September 2011 (Volume 14 Issue 4)

What do patients expect?

Findings of the Osteopathic Patient Expectations Study; helping osteopaths prepare for the new Osteopathic Practice Standards; revalidation pilot; the GOsC’s CHRE performance review; House of Lords enquiry into healthcare professionals' mobility; June meeting of the Regional Communications Network.

 the osteopath June/July 2011

June/July 2011 (Volume 14 Issue 3)

New Osteopathic Practice Standards

Reducing the cost of regulation; recruiting a new GOsC Chair; consultation on guidance about student fitness to practise; looking forward to the revalidation pilot; recent International Osteopathic Education conference.

 the osteopath April/May 2011

April/May 2011 (Volume 14 Issue 2)

Revalidation: testing the benefits 

Fitness to Practise report 2010; consultation on the GOsC Welsh Language Scheme; online renewal of registration; new Osteopathic Practice Standards update; joining the register under the new powers; developments in osteopathic regulation in Europe.

 the osteopath Feb/March 2011

February/March 2011 (Volume 14 Issue 1)

Help us test the revalidation scheme

Plans to pilot our revalidation scheme; reviewing procedures for assuring the quality of osteopathic education qualifications; helping osteopaths comply with advertising law; revised Osteopathic Practice Standards and work around osteopathy students' fitness to practise; new online research resources; interview with Tim Walker.



 the osteopath Dec/Jan 2010

December 2010/January 2011 (Volume 13 Issue 6)

New o zone: improving usability

Helping osteopaths put new ‘Knowledge, skills and performance’ osteopathic practice standards into practice; draft revalidation scheme pilot; IJOM Plus package of research journals; our CPD Discussion Document; guidance on interim suspension orders; the new GOsC Chair; recruiting a Chair of NCOR; international osteopathy. 

 the osteopath April/May 2010

October/November 2010  Volume 13 Issue 5

Shaping osteopathic practice standards

Consultation on revised osteopathic practice standards; review of GOsC activities in 2009-10 and summary of annual accounts; introduction to Tim Walker; update on the revalidation scheme; overview of current and forthcoming research; developments in osteopathic regulation in Europe.

 the osteopath Aug/Sept 2010

August/September 2010 (Volume 13 Issue 4)

Consulting on osteopathic standards

Forthcoming consultation on our practice standards; update on the development of the revalidation scheme; quality assuring standards of training; research into osteopathic practice; our performance review; update on the Vetting and Barring Scheme.

 the osteopath June/July 2010

June/July 2010 (Volume 13 Issue 3)

Revalidation - developing the assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for our draft revalidation scheme; recruiting a new Chief Executive and Registrar; developing reciprocal registration arrangements with Australia and New Zealand; student fitness to practise; Regional Communications Network; pan-European standards for osteopathy.

 the osteopath April/May 2010

April/May 2010 (Volume 13 Issue 2)

Revalidation: testing the scheme

The latest news on revalidation; handling the early stages of fitness to practise complaints; new e-bulletins for osteopaths; forthcoming Regional Communications Network meeting; Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe update; new ‘Statement of Fitness to Work’; the Government’s new vetting and barring scheme.

the osteopath Feb/March 2010

February/March 2010 (Volume 13 Issue 1)

Conduct case review

2009 fitness to practise report; updates on developing a revalidation scheme revised osteopathic practice standards, and a scope of practice; the OPEn project; review of quality assurance processes for training courses; reciprocal arrangements with Australia and New Zealand; volunteering at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.