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Student fitness to practise guidance

We publish guidance for osteopathic students and osteopathic educational institutions on student fitness to practise and the management of health and disability.

Guidance for students on fitness to practise is also available in Welsh: Addasrwydd myfyrwyr i ymarfer

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Student fitness to practise
The purpose of these guidance documents is to ensure the appropriate and consistent management of behaviour that indicates that students may not be fit to practise.

Guidance about Professional Behaviours and Fitness to Practise for Osteopathic Students

Student FtP guidance

Student Fitness to Practise: Guidance for Osteopathic Educational Institutions

Student FtP guidance for OEIs


Management of health and disability
Many people with a disability or long-term health condition are able to undertake osteopathic education and training, achieve a Recognised Qualification, and practise osteopathy with or without adjustments to support their practice. 

Guidance for Applicants and Students with a Disability or Health Condition

Guidance for students with a disability or health condition

Students with a Disability or Health Condition: Guidance for Osteopathic Education Institutions

Students with a disability or health condition: guidance for OEIs