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GOsC Corporate Strategy 2016-2019 published

GOsC Corporate Strategy 2016-2019 published

19 April 2016

The latest version of the GOsC’s Corporate Strategy sets out what we aim to achieve over the next three years and while much of our activity, such as maintaining the Register and dealing with complaints, remains unchanged, the strategy does set out new areas of work.

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GOsC launches consultation on draft guidance for osteopathy students and educational institutions

1 April 2016

The General Osteopathic Council today launched consultations on four sets of draft guidance aimed at osteopathy students and osteopathic educational institutions and would welcome the views of the public, the osteopathy profession and other interested parties.

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New Council members appointed to General Osteopathic Council

23 March 2016

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) is pleased to announce the appointment of members to its reconstituted 10-member Council.

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GOsC committees hear updates on new CPD scheme and Osteopathic Practice Standards review

4 March 2016

Two of our committees met this week to consider a range of issues including oversight of the development of the new CPD scheme and the forthcoming review of guidance for students and osteopathic educational institutions on fitness to practise, and health and disability.

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The value of local osteopathic groups: see the new issue of ‘the osteopath’

26 February 2016

Half the UK’s osteopaths belong to local osteopathic groups and regional societies, whose importance to the profession is our focus in the February/March issue of the osteopath.

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GOsC Council to consider new Corporate Strategy on 4 February

27 January 2016

A new corporate strategy for the GOsC, for 2016-2019, will be considered by the Council at its next meeting. Council will also be asked for decisions on the GOsC Business Plan and Budget for 2016-2017.

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Osteopathic Leadership Programme success

12 January 2016

All 20 of the participants in the first Osteopathic Leadership Programme – a partnership between the Osteopathic Development Group and the Open University to help osteopaths gain leadership skills and apply them for the benefit of the profession – have completed the programme successfully.

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New international osteopathic resource

1 January 2016

A new website is aiming to highlight international developments in osteopathic practice, for the benefit of the profession in the UK.

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BSO is granted degree-awarding powers

26 November 2015

The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) will in future be able to develop and validate its own degree programmes, and it will also receive direct funding for its students and courses.

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New FGM reporting duty in England and Wales

12 November 2015

A new duty to report female genital mutilation (FGM) to the Police has come into force.

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