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Ready for the new CPD scheme?

24 April 2017

Osteopaths share approaches to learning in the April/May issue of 'the osteopath' magazine.

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Follow IJOM on Twitter

Follow IJOM on Twitter

9 March 2017

Get alerted to key new articles in the 'International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine' by following the journal's new Twitter account.

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The ABC of CPD

15 February 2017

The new issue of the osteopath magazine explains how we are helping osteopaths prepare for the new approach to CPD.

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GOsC successfully prosecutes struck off former osteopath

25 January 2017

The UK regulator of osteopaths, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), has brought a successful prosecution against Nigel Graham for unlawfully describing himself as an osteopath.

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GOsC Council meets on 1 February

23 January 2017

The first Council meeting of 2017 takes place at Osteopathy House at 10am on Wednesday 1 February.

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Last chance to apply for Policy Advisory Committee

2 January 2017

Recruitment for two osteopath and two lay members of our Policy Advisory Committee closes on 11 January, so this is your last chance to apply.

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Baby talk: advertising about treating children and pregnant women

15 December 2016

New guidance on advertising from the ASA is the subject of the lead article in the latest issue of 'the osteopath'.

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ASA guidance on advertising claims about treating babies, children and pregnant women

2 December 2016

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been working closely with the osteopathic profession to produce new guidance about advertising claims that relate to the treatment of babies, children and pregnant women.

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Financial audit services for GOsC: tender

28 November 2016

The GOsC is tendering for the provision of financial audit services.

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Find out more about the new CPD scheme

25 November 2016

The GOsC is participating in the Institute of Osteopathy’s convention in Windsor this weekend.

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