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COVID-19: GOsC publishes updated statement on osteopathic practice

25 March 2020

The General Osteopathic Council issued an updated statement earlier today on osteopathic practice.

We continue to advise osteopaths to use their professional judgement in determining whether it is appropriate to see patients. In the government guidance issued to date, we have not yet located a prohibition on osteopathic clinics continuing to open to provide care for patients.

Whilst we cannot see prohibitions for osteopathic practice within the current guidance, the circumstances within which practice could take place are likely to be very limited. We urge osteopaths to consider carefully the guidance about staying home and saving lives, and to consider seeing patients via video call or speaking over the phone if necessary.

The Institute of Osteopathy, as the professional body for osteopaths, offer some advice on telephone and video consultations, referencing current thinking that all but urgent or emergency cases be conducted remotely.

If osteopaths choose to continue to practice, they should follow updated government guidance and our updated interim infection control guidance.

In implementing the current government guidance, we would strongly say once again that osteopaths must consider the risk to personal and public health in the current crisis.

We are constantly reviewing our guidance in line with that from the government, which is very much subject to change. We will publish a further update as and when the guidance changes. Please check our COVID-19 page regularly for updates.

Read the full statement