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COVID-19: GOSC warns osteopaths not to make false coronavirus claims

27 March 2020

The GOsC has warned osteopaths not to claim or imply that osteopathic treatment could help boost the immune system in patients suffering from COVID-19.

Claiming in any promotional material or online content that osteopathy has a part to play in the frontline care of patients with COVID-19, is likely to breach Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidance or trading standards law.

COVID-19 is a highly infectious and contagious disease, and osteopaths should adhere strictly to the guidance signposted on the GOsC website at: osteopathy.org.uk/covid-19. The Institute of Osteopathy is also providing helpful advice and guidance for osteopaths.

The National Council for Osteopathic Research published a summary of the current evidence stating: There is no current research evidence to indicate that osteopathic manual therapy care can specifically help in the direct treatment of COVID-19 or other types of coronavirus illness.’

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) issues guidance on the conditions which osteopaths can claim to treat and the Osteopathic Practice Standards D1.2 requires that any advertising or promotional material, including website content, complies with the ASA guidance.

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