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Training and registering

There are more than 5,300 osteopaths registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which includes some who practise abroad. Those practising in the UK carry out more than seven million consultations every year.

Information on training and registering is also available in Welsh: Hyfforddi a chofrestru

Two osteopath students 

Of those consultations, 54% of new patients are seen within one working day of contacting the osteopath and 95% are seen within one week.

The profession attracts almost equal numbers of male and female practitioners, and some have already qualified in another healthcare practice such as medicine, nursing or physiotherapy.

The majority of UK osteopaths (86%) practise in England, with 3% in Scotland, 2.7% in Wales, 0.5% in Northern Ireland and 7.8% working overseas.

Most osteopaths are self-employed and work in the private sector, although some are working in multi-disciplinary environments within the NHS and in occupational healthcare in public bodies and private companies. All osteopaths, wherever they work, must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

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