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Law Commission reviews regulation of healthcare professionals

1 March 2012

The Law Commission is reviewing the legal framework for health and social care professional regulation.

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February/March issue of The Osteopath published

21 February 2012

Leading article focuses on the new Osteopathic Practice Standards, with particular reference to patient records.

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The GOsC seeks registration fee reduction

13 January 2012

Council agrees that cost savings should be passed on to registrants in the form of a fee reduction in 2012-13.

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Chair of Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe announced

9 January 2012

Gert Jan Goede, President of the Dutch Register of Osteopaths, has been elected as the first Chair of FORE.

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GOsC invites patients and public to join new Partnership Group

3 January 2012

If you are interested in developing information for patients, and in standards of osteopathic practice, let us know.

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YES vote for European Standard for osteopaths

16 December 2011

European Committee for Standardisation to develop a European standard for services of osteopaths.

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December/January Osteopath magazine published

9 December 2011

Latest issue looks at implementing the new osteopathic practice standards, introduces the new GOsC Chair, and more.

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New guidance on interim suspensions

5 December 2011

New guidance has been introduced by the GOsC to assist fitness to practise committees.

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No change to way witnesses in GOsC hearings give evidence

19 November 2011

Following its consultation the PCC will not change the way witnesses give evidence to fitness to practise hearings.

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GOsC recruiting assessors for revalidation scheme pilot

15 November 2011

We are currently recruiting a team of 35 to 40 osteopaths to be assessors for our revalidation scheme pilot.

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