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Information for observers

If you would like to attend a public hearing as an observer, please email regulation@osteopathy.org.uk

Please make sure you email by 12pm on the last working day before the hearing. For example, if the hearing is on a Monday, please email us by 12pm on the Friday before.  

When emailing us, please include your name, your association with the osteopath (if any), and the hearing day(s) you wish to observe. You must also confirm in your email that you have read this section of our website. Our Hearings Coordinator will then contact you to make the necessary arrangements for you to attend.

If the hearing is being held in person at Osteopathy House or another venue, you must wait in the reception area until you are called in to be seated in the public gallery of the hearing room.

If a hearing is held remotely, the Hearings Coordinator will email you a link to the hearing. Throughout the remote hearing, observers are expected to follow the Remote Hearings Guidance & Protocol regarding their conduct and behaviour as an observer. In particular, observers must remain ‘muted’ with their microphones and cameras switched off at all times. Observers must also avoid distracting any of the hearing participants in any other way. In the event that an observer interrupts or disrupts the hearing, the Chair may remove and/or restrict observers. 

If you require assistance prior to the hearing or have any technical issues, please contact us on the above email address as soon as possible.