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Information for observers

If you wish to attend a public hearing as an observer, please email regulation@osteopathy.org.uk. When doing so please can you confirm your name, your relation (if any) to the osteopath(s) and which hearing (or hearing days) that you wish to observe. Our hearings clerk will then be in contact with you as soon as possible to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made.

If a hearing is held remotely the hearing clerk will send you a link to the hearing. If it is in person you will need to wait in the reception area until you are called in to the Council Chamber. Any further information will be relayed to you by the hearings clerk nearer to the hearing.

Please contact regulation@osteopathy.org.uk one day before the hearing to confirm the hearing is still going ahead as planned and to confirm your attendance.

If you require assistance prior to the hearing and/or face any technical issues, please notify us on the above email address as soon as possible.