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GOsC seeks new Council Associate

1 June 2022

We are looking for an osteopath to join us as a Council Associate, with the opportunity to develop new skills and contribute to the work of GOsC’s Council.

The Council Associates programme aims to identify and develop future governance leaders within the profession who have the potential to develop their skills and knowledge to undertake future non-executive positions, either at the GOsC or elsewhere.

Following a recruitment campaign, Shireen Ismail and Harriet Lambert were selected as the first ever Council Associates in April 2022.

Speaking about her appointment, Harriet said: ‘As a newly qualified osteopath, I was so excited to apply for the role of Council Associate to learn more about the GOsC and the variety of work that the Council undertakes, and having the opportunity to learn from professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise.

The successful applicant, who will take up the role in April 2023, will attend Council meetings four times a year, with the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction and scrutiny of GOsC’s work.

If you are an osteopath and interested in applying for this opportunity, visit our recruitment page to find out more.

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