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9 March 2017

Get alerted to key new articles in the 'International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine' by following the journal's new Twitter account.

The International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (IJOM), the international, peer reviewed journal of osteopathy & neuromusculoskeletal medicine, and official journal of the GOsC, now has its own Twitter account.

The March 2017 issue includes letters to the editor concerning a recent editorial about cranial osteopathy, which provoked quite a bit of debate. The editorial, by Steven Vogel and Jerry Draper-Rodi is about 'The importance of pilot studies, how to write them and what they mean'.

GOsC registrants have free access to IJOM and another six research journals via the o zone. Others can access abstracts and some free content at http://www.journalofosteopathicmedicine.com/. In this issue there is a complimentary article 'The role of ultrasound and preparation in first-year medical students’ learning lumbar spine anatomy and diagnostic skills'.

This issue also includes a Masterclass feature on 'A process approach in osteopathy: beyond the structural model' by Eyal Lederman and a cast study: 'Enhancing clinical education in the private practice setting', and more.