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COVID-19: Osteopaths' eligibility for vaccination as front line workers - update

14 January 2021

We have written to Public Health England (PHE) and to all four Chief Allied Health Professions Officers across the UK to notify them of the following statement we have issued today.

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COVID-19: joint statement from health and care regulators

13 January 2021

The Chief Executives of the statutory health and care regulators have published a joint statement to update their registrants on COVID-19.

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COVID-19: Osteopaths eligible for vaccination of front line workers

11 January 2021

Priorities for the COVID-19 vaccination programme include healthcare workers working as independent providers, including in private practice.

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National lockdown guidance published

5 January 2021

New guidance has been published by the Government, following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday of a further national lockdown in England

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Fitness to Practise Annual Report published

21 December 2020

GOsC has published its latest fitness to practise report for 2019-20.

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COVID-19 vaccine: requirements for osteopaths

10 December 2020

Following approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine last week by the Medicines and Healthcare Products (MHRA), the vaccine programme is starting to be rolled out in the UK. This will be the largest immunisation programme in history.

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GOsC to increase focus on engagement

27 November 2020

The GOsC is preparing a new approach to communications and engagement that will help us to promote patient safety, and support osteopaths to deliver high quality care

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GOsC freezes registration fees for 7th year in succession

25 November 2020

The GOsC’s Council, recognising the impact the pandemic has had on osteopaths, has agreed to freeze annual registration fees.

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Annual CPD survey opens: Opportunity for osteopaths to reflect

7 October 2020

Our latest annual continuing professional development (CPD) evaluation survey is now open presenting a chance for osteopaths to provide valuable feedback to help us further understand the impact of COVID-19 and what resources osteopaths may need

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Annual Report and Accounts for 2019-20 published

7 October 2020

We have published our latest Annual Report and Accounts, providing an overview of our work and the financial report for 2019-20

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