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Osteopaths: come join me on the Investigating Committee

28 September 2021

By Paul A Grant (view more by this author)
Paul is a lay member of our Investigating Committee and was appointed in March 2019.

Paul A Grant, lay member of the GOsC’s Investigating Committee tells us why he thinks you should consider applying for this important role which considers all concerns raised against osteopaths and decides whether the matter should be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee.

Protecting the public who use osteopathy services is vitally important and the fitness to practise process is a key component in achieving that regulatory objective.

I would encourage anyone who has an interest to apply but don't worry if you haven’t done this type of work before. My tip is to focus on the competencies when you’re applying.

At the GOsC I work with a range of interesting people from different walks of life and my time here has been an enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding experience which has expanded my knowledge and enhanced my experience. If you have the relevant skills and a genuine interest then go for it. After all, as they say, you have to be in it to win it!

The GOsC genuinely wants to encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds so I would encourage osteopaths interested in the position to make an application.

Do you have the skills the GOsC is looking for?

  • can you use your emotional intelligence to show respect, tact and discretion?
  • are you able to listen actively and respond to verbal and non-verbal clues?
  • can you listen to and respect the opinions of others, and can you make effective contributions without dominating?
  • can you show a commitment to personal reflection and development?
  • can you respond positively to feedback from others?

Please visit osteopathy.org.uk/recruitment to find out more.