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We want to identify and develop future governance leaders within the profession

5 October 2021

The GOsC recently ran an online recruitment event for osteopaths considering applying for current or future governance roles. Here Matthew provides an overview of what was covered on the day and shares some tips for anyone wishing to apply

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Could you be the next GOsC Northern Ireland Council lay member?

28 September 2021

Joan Martin, who has been a GOsC member of Council for the past eight years, offers her advice to anyone considering applying for the position of Northern Ireland Council lay member. As her term of appointment comes to an end, she offers insights into what can be gained from taking on the role.

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Osteopaths: come join me on the Investigating Committee

28 September 2021

Paul A Grant, lay member of the GOsC’s Investigating Committee tells us why he thinks you should consider applying for this important role which considers all concerns raised against osteopaths and decides whether the matter should be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee.

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Professor Deborah Bowman shares her personal experience of joining Council

2 June 2021

Deborah Bowman shares her first impressions and personal experience of joining the GOsC’s Council.

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My first year on the GOsC Council

17 May 2021

Daniel Bailey reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic took hold during his first year on GOsC’s Council

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My reflections on the experience of joining GOsC Council at the start of the pandemic

7 May 2021

Caroline Guy shares her insight into the first year of serving on GOsC’s Council, while also suspending her osteopathic practice as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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Dr Bill Gunnyeon reflects on his first year as Chair of Council

28 April 2021

Dr Bill Gunnyeon reflects on the unexpected challenges of his first year as GOsC’s Chair of Council and looks towards the future

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