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Recognising the different strengths and skills of other health professionals

4 February 2022

Gabriel Antoni Pineda shares his experience of working with other health professionals as part of a collaborative team to help improve the quality of life for patients.

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Collaboration with other healthcare professionals is an integral part of my work as an osteopath

12 January 2022

Zoƫ Clark highlights how sharing knowledge through collaborative working can help deliver improved outcomes for patients.

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Working together to achieve more positive outcomes for patients

9 December 2021

David Vaux describes the invaluable learning experience of working alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients

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I believe there is huge benefit to working alongside other health care professionals in order to provide a multi-disciplinary approach

12 November 2021

Osteopath Beth Lawrence shares her experiences of working with other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of patient care.

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Collaborative working has helped me become a better osteopath

7 October 2021

Benjamin East outlines the benefits of working alongside other healthcare professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary team

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