General Osteopathic Council


Osteopaths and lay people (non-osteopaths) serve on the Council in equal numbers. This helps to ensure that the interests of patients and the wider public are at the forefront of the regulation of osteopathy. 

Council is made up of seven lay members and seven osteopath members, all appointed by the Privy Council.  For further information about the appointment process see the Appointments page.

Alison White, a lay member, is Chair of Council.  Council is supported by a team of staff, headed by the Chief Executive and Registrar, Tim Walker.

Council focuses on strategic development and major policy issues while its committees concentrate on implementing these policies, within the framework decided by Council, and on exercising delegated authority for some statutory and regulatory roles. 

The Council Code of Conduct sets out the standards that Council members must meet in carrying out their roles.

There is further information about how the GOsC is structured and managed in the Governance Handbook.  The GOsC policies on remunerating Council and committee members and fitness to practice panellists are also available on the Governance Handbook page.

Current members of the Council

Position Name
Chair (lay) Alison White
 Lay members Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas
  Mark Eames
  Kim Lavely
  Dr Joan Martin
  Julie Stone
  Jenny White
Osteopathic members John Chaffey
  Jorge Esteves
  Jonathan Hearsey
  Nicholas Hounsfield
  Brian McKenna
  Kenneth McLean
  Haidar Ramadan


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