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The GOsC is recruiting for a large number of non-executive vacancies for roles to commence from 1 April 2017 for lay and registrant (osteopath) applicants. In addition to individual information packs about the posts we have produced general guidance about completing your application, below.

Open for applications now
Vacancy - click on the role titles to go to the relevant pages
Campaign opens
Closing date

Professional Conduct Committee lay members

Professional Conduct Committee registrant members

26 September 2016 9 November 2016

Investigating Committee lay members

Investigating Committee registrant members

26 September 2016 23 November 2016

Council registrant members

10 October 2016 30 November 2016
Opening for applications later
Campaign opens
Closing date

Policy Advisory Committee lay members

Policy Advisory Committee registrant members

14 November 2016  11 January 2017
Guidance on completing your application