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Assessments and assessors

Some applicants trained outside the UK will be asked to undertake a practical assessment of their skills: the Assessment of Clinical Performance (ACP).

We will let you know if it is necessary for you to have an ACP.

Assessment of Clinical Performance

This is a practical clinic-based exercise, used to assess an osteopath's clinical performance. You will be asked to manage and treat two new patients as you would in practice. The process is outlined in the Assessment of clinical performance guidelines.

The assessments are held in the UK, at the clinic of an osteopathic training institution in London, and your approach will be monitored by trained GOsC assessors - there is information about the assessors beneath the table below. After you have taken a case history and performed an examination of the patient, the assessors may ask you questions relating to your diagnosis and treatment plan before you are asked to treat the patient.

For further information about the ACP please contact the Registration and Resources Department on 020 7357 6655 x238. The standards against which you will be assessed are the Osteopathic Practice Standards. There is a fee of £910 for the ACP. 

Date Venue
Time Assessors Places
25 April 2024 UCO clinic 1.00 pm Bob Davies
Dhirindar Bhullar
Jo Clarkson
28 May 2024 UCO clinic 9.00 am Dhirindar Bhullar
Trevor Jefferies
Patrick Luppi
25 July 2024 UCO clinic 9.00 am TBC
Bob Davies
Bob Gupta

We have a pool of assessors, who are all practising osteopaths, to help us ensure that osteopaths trained outside the UK meet the Osteopathic Practice Standards for each stage of the registration process. To find out more about our Non-UK Qualification Assessors, Further Evidence of Practice Assessors and Assessment of Clinical Performance Assessors download this list of assessors and their biographies.


If you have any further queries contact our Registration Department on registration@osteopathy.org.uk.


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