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Our response to UCO’s statement on ‘Future proofing the UCO’

24 August 2023

The UCO has announced plans to explore a partnership with the AECC University College.

Osteopathy courses recognised by GOsC are delivered by a wide range of colleges and universities including those that also deliver other medical or allied health qualifications.

The Osteopaths Act 1993 requires the GOsC to recognise osteopathic qualifications, subject to the satisfactory conclusion of a statutory process to ensure that recognised qualifications meet the Osteopathic Practice Standards and meet the Graduate Outcomes for Osteopathic Pre-registration Education and Standards for Education and Training.

As part of this process, we gather evidence to inform our decisions using a range of methods, including visits to each provider, annual report monitoring, and collecting feedback from external examiners, students, staff and patients. If our standards are not met, we must take action to withdraw recognition.

Our role is to ensure the quality of osteopathic education and the integrity of the Register by ensuring that our Standards for Education and Training are met and maintained, and that education providers are equipping students to practise safely and competently as osteopaths.

We will monitor developments with the UCO and AECC University College to ensure that our standards, as set out above, will continue to be met.

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