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New CPD scheme launches

1 October 2018

The new continuing professional development scheme for osteopaths starts from today, 1 October.

Central to the new scheme is the concept of connecting osteopaths with each other and with other health professionals.

The new scheme is the result of several years’ work and consultations, involving hundreds of osteopaths, patients and others, to develop a scheme which would provide assurance to the public that osteopaths remain up to date, while also creating a greater sense of community within the osteopathic profession.

Osteopaths will join the new scheme, with its three-year cycle of CPD, at various times over the next year depending on when they next renew their registration.

We will be writing to each osteopath with their next renewal of registration forms to let them know what date they start on the new CPD scheme. Osteopaths can also check their renewal dates by logging onto the o zone.

The first osteopaths to join the scheme will do so this month and will be those who renew their registration in December 2018.

The new scheme is also the main focus of the September/October issue of the redesigned The Osteopath, a special launch issue covering all aspects of the new CPD scheme gosc.org.uk/theosteopathmagazine

You can find full details of the CPD scheme and what it means for osteopaths by reading the CPD Guidance. You will also find advice and resources on the newly refreshed CPD website at cpd.osteopathy.org.uk