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Changes to the o zone in 2023

22 February 2023

The o zone will be updated in spring 2023 following feedback received from osteopaths and students.

In March 2023 GOsC will introduce updates to the o zone, a dedicated website for osteopaths and osteopathy students to manage and renew their registration, update their details and record their CPD.

The updates will be made as part of a project announced in 2022 focused on improving the o zone, making it more streamlined and easier for osteopaths and students to find the information they need.

We have spoken with a number of osteopaths and students directly to find out how they use the o zone and what improvements they would like to see to ensure the o zone is easier to use. These individuals are part of a group of over 60 osteopaths and students who have agreed to offer their insight as part of this project. Their feedback will inform the changes we make in March 2023.

The changes are planned to take place from the week beginning 20 March, so osteopaths and students visiting the o zone from that time onwards can expect to find a new navigation and updated content on each page. We hope that by making these changes the o zone will be more intuitive, with information that is easier and quicker to find.

Note that osteopaths and students will be able to continue using the o zone while the changes are taking place if they wish.

Next steps

We are currently considering a number of options for the CPD Diary, which will continue as before and will not change as part of these planned updates. Before we make the final decision and to make sure we choose the most appropriate solution we are keen to gather more insight from osteopaths who use the Diary. We will provide further updates on the CPD Diary in the coming months.