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Help us improve the o zone

17 March 2022

The GOsC is inviting osteopaths to get involved in a project that seeks to make the o zone easier to use.

We’d like to hear from osteopaths as part of a new project from the GOsC which aims to make improvements to the o zone.

We will also invite osteopaths to test the new system once it has been developed so we can be sure it works as intended.

What we hope to achieve

The upgrade to the o zone – a dedicated website for osteopaths and osteopathy students to manage and renew their registration, update their details, and find guidance and resources to help record their CPD – will mean processes will be more reliable and more efficient. It will also mean the system is cost-effective by helping to avoid sharply rising support costs with the current outdated system.

The upgrade provides an opportunity to refresh the o zone so it is streamlined, useful and more intuitive for osteopaths to use so they can more easily find key information, update their details, update their CPD Diary and renew their registration.

We want to work with osteopaths to ensure that the new product better suits their needs and we hope to speak with students to find out how the o zone can work better for them. We are also planning to carry out some patient/public facing insight gathering work in connection to this project.

This work forms part of the improvements and approach set out in our Communications and Engagement Strategy 2021-24, a key aim of which is to ensure that our communication channels and products are relevant, contemporary and forward-looking.

Timings for the project

The upgrade to the o zone is planned to be introduced by early 2023 and we will give osteopaths plenty of notice before we switch over to the new system. In the meantime osteopaths can continue to use our current system while we develop these updates.

We will carry out the switch over to the new system during a period when fewer osteopaths access the o zone to minimise any impact.

The user testing is expected to take place initially in May with further work continuing over the summer.

Contact us to take part

If you are an osteopath or osteopathic student, you could help shape the project by sparing just an hour or two of your time. If you are interested in taking part, please do get in touch by emailing info@osteopathy.org.uk.