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BSO is granted degree-awarding powers

26 November 2015

The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) will in future be able to develop and validate its own degree programmes, and it will also receive direct funding for its students and courses.

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New FGM reporting duty in England and Wales

12 November 2015

A new duty to report female genital mutilation (FGM) to the Police has come into force.

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What’s next for our revised CPD scheme?

9 November 2015

Find out what the next steps are in the introduction of our new CPD scheme in a report to be considered by our Council at its next meeting on 12 November.

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Interested in joining our fitness to practise committees?

4 November 2015

Last chance to apply for roles on our Fitness to Practise Committees as the closing date is noon on Wednesday 11 November.

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CPD consultation report published

19 October 2015

The report on the findings of the consultation on a new CPD scheme for osteopaths has been published.

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Learning from mistakes: the October/November issue of ‘the osteopath’ out now

19 October 2015

The latest issue of the osteopath is now available and can be read on this website. The magazine includes a round-up of GOsC news, other health news, research updates, book reviews and more.

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GOsC committee to receive CPD consultation results analysis report

8 October 2015

The report on the analysis of the results of our recent CPD consultation is one of the agenda items for the forthcoming meeting of the Osteopathic Practice Committee in the morning of 13 October.

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Last chance to comment on Conditions of Practice guidance

29 September 2015

The closing date for our consultation on draft guidance for the GOsC’s Health Committee on conditions that may be imposed on an osteopath’s practice is 6 October 2015.

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Osteopathy patients invited to share stories

21 September 2015

Nine out of ten patients think it is important to give feedback to an osteopath about their experience of osteopathic treatment. If you would find it difficult to do that directly or you feel that your story would be of interest to all osteopaths you can give feedback anonymously to the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) through a dedicated website.

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Alison White reappointed as GOsC Chair

10 September 2015

Alison White has been reappointed as Chair of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) for a second term of four years, from 1 April 2016.

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