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October/November issue of 'the osteopath' out now

19 October 2016

What should you do if you want to share sensitive patient information with another health professional or you are asked for it by someone else? There is guidance on this in the latest issue of the osteopath.

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Policy Advisory Committee meeting: 13 October

11 October 2016

The GOsC’s Policy Advisory Committee met on Thursday 13 October at Osteopathy House.

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Non-executive vacancies at the GOsC

4 October 2016

Could you contribute to the governance of the GOsC? We are recruiting for a large number of non-executive vacancies for roles to commence from 1 April 2017 for lay and registrant (osteopath) applicants.

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Read about our work in 2015-2016

9 September 2016

The GOsC’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2015-16 provides an overview of our work during this period as well as the financial report for the year.

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New consultation on voluntary removal from the Register of osteopaths

1 September 2016

We are consulting on new guidance about the factors that the GOsC Registrar will take into consideration when an osteopath requests to be removed from the Register of osteopaths (voluntary removal) and would welcome your views.

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Vacancies for education visitors/registration assessors

12 August 2016

We are now recruiting for six osteopaths to take on the dual roles of education visitor and registration assessor.

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Building the evidence: 'the osteopath' for June/July

15 June 2016

An app that collects feedback directly from patients to demonstrate the outcomes of osteopathic care is the focus of our leading article, which includes an osteopath’s experience of adopting the app.

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New GOsC guidance for witnesses

19 May 2016

Witnesses at fitness to practise hearings play a vital role in helping the GOsC to maintain public safety.

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First meeting for new GOsC Council on 5 May 2016

27 April 2016

A proposal to establish a single Policy Advisory Committee covering the work of the existing policy committees is one of the papers the new Council will consider.

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Raising our standards: our standards review in 'the osteopath' for April/May

20 April 2016

Have you added your voice to our review of the Osteopathic Practice Standards yet? Five years after they were first developed, we’re taking a critical look at the standards, their accompanying guidance and the resources we provide to help you meet them – we want to know where and how you think we can make improvements.

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