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Helping to protect the public though fair decision-making

2 July 2024

By Brian Wroe (view more by this author)
Brian Wroe is Chair of the Investigating Committee

Brian Wroe, Chair of GOsC’s Investigating Committee talks about recruitment to the committee which begins in July and his aim to encourage diversity of thought through attracting a diverse range of applicants.

Over the coming months, we will be bidding a fond farewell to several members of the Investigating Committee, both osteopaths and lay members. While it is sad to see valued and experienced colleagues depart, it presents an exciting opportunity to recruit new people to help us to protect the public and to maintain high standards in the osteopathic profession.

The Investigating Committee, in common with GOsC’s other decision-making committees, attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds from across the UK. For my own part, my career has spanned the police, local government, healthcare, and the charity sector. My colleagues on the committee also bring a varied range of skills, knowledge and experience. Some of our osteopath members work in urban environments, liaising closely with other healthcare professionals. Others come from more rural parts of the UK or from academia, where the challenges are different in nature.

Our lay members have equally diverse backgrounds, and although a healthcare background can be useful, it is not necessary for the role. In fact, I am keen to have members from all sorts of backgrounds as diversity of thought brings strength to the committee’s decision-making by bringing together a wide range of views, knowledge, and experience.

When the recruitment process starts (due to open on 8 July), I am hoping to see a wide range of applicants, including those with little or no experience in regulation or healthcare so we can maintain and perhaps even enrich our current range of experience with our latest set of appointments.

We will be looking for new members who understand the statutory role of the GOsC, can grasp and weigh up evidence, who can work effectively as part of a team, have a strong sense of integrity and fairness, respond positively to feedback and are committed to personal development. Applicants can rest assured that we have a first-class induction programme which introduces new members to the work of the GOsC and the world of regulation.

Does this sound like you? If it does, or if I have stirred your interest, then please do come along to our webinar on 16 July at 6pm. This will be your opportunity to hear more about the work of the IC and to ask questions of me directly as Chair of the Committee together with other committee members. You will also get the chance to see whether a role on the Investigating Committee is right for you.

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