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Fitness to practise resources

The fitness to practise process can be difficult and overwhelming. Many people do not know what is expected of them. This resource section provides helpful and informative information for people going through the fitness to practise process.

Here you will find case studies, videos and publications that can help demystify the process and provide support.

Fitness to practise videos

We have run a number of fitness to practise webinars to help demystify the process and provide guidance. Here you can watch some extracts from those webinars.

Click on the videos below to view them on the GOsC YouTube channel.

General Osteopathic Council Fitness to Practise and the Independent Support Service - Victim Support

Screengrab of the title of the webinar

In this extract from our Fitness to Practise webinar in May 2022, Sara Brown discusses the Independent Support Service and how it can support osteopaths and witnesses during a fitness to practise process.

Fitness to Practise webinar - do cases we hear always result in sanctions?

Three people speaking at an online webinar

In this clip from our Fitness to Practise webinar at the end of September 2021, Sheleen McCormack, our Director of Fitness to Practise, responds to a question from an attendee about the number of cases that result in sanctions.

Fitness to Practise webinar: What is a case to answer?

A screengrab from the webinar showing a slide and the person speaking

Fitness to Practise ebulletin

The Fitness to Practise ebulletin is designed to help demystify the fitness to practise process and respond to feedback we have received.

May 2022 Insights on fitness to practise issue two
September 2021 Insights on fitness to practise issue one




You can read previous Fitness to Practise ebulletins which are listed below. Between September 2016 and Spring 2021, fitness to practise related content was available in The Osteopath magazine.

Click on the issue title to download the bulletin.

September 2016 Insurance lapsed? Don't cover it up
April 2016 The essence of safe osteopathic practice
May 2015 Know your professional limits
December 2014 Practising in a non-clinical environment 
March 2014 Maintaining clear boundaries
May 2013 Patient confidentiality
February 2012  Criminal convictions and fitness to practise
November 2011 Discount deals
June 2011  A question of conduct
January 2011  Defining characteristic
September 2010  For the record: taking and storing osteopathic notes
April 2010  Does your advertising comply with the standards?