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A - Total Health Clinics Grantham

Autumn Park Business Centre
Autumn Park
Dysart Road
NG31 7EU

Distance away: 0.65 miles

01476 856467
Disabled access:
Home visits:


B - The Grantham Osteopathic Clinic

The Old Manor House
70 Long Street
Great Gonerby
NG31 8LW

Distance away: 1.88 miles

01476 593919
01476 593919
Disabled access:
Home visits:
Opening hours
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm

COVID-19: Osteopaths are being advised to use their professional judgement, in discussion with patients, to determine whether face-to-face treatment is appropriate in your individual circumstances, taking into account the likely benefits and risks and they are being advised to ensure they explain these clearly so you are able to give your informed consent. If you are already a patient, you might find that the stringent infection control measures that osteopaths are advised to implement mean your experience when you next visit an osteopath is different to what you had been used to before the pandemic – for example, the osteopath may be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), spacing out their appointments to allow time to clean the room between patients, and they may be minimising waiting times within the clinic. These measures will be aimed at keeping patients and practitioners safe as the pandemic continues, and should not affect the high levels of care that patients are entitled to expect from osteopaths.

Many osteopaths will also continue to offer remote consultations, when a face-to-face session may not be possible, or recommended, in the professional judgement of the osteopath. You should talk through any concerns you may have about attending for treatment in the light of COVID-19 with your osteopath. 
You may be able to find an osteopath in your area by using the Register search on this page. If you are unable to find an osteopath, you can seek advice for an urgent medical problem from NHS 111.

How to search

Use our interactive map of the UK (click on Browse by county above) for lists of osteopaths in specific counties and large cities. Put your cursor on a county to see the county name; click on the county to see the list.

If the osteopath you are looking for is not listed here, this does not necessarily mean they are not registered with us. The spelling of their name might not be correct, or they may have changed their name. If you can't find the osteopath you are looking for or you need further help, contact us on info@osteopathy.org.uk or phone 020 7357 6655 x242.

Clicking on an osteopath's name links to a page with details about the practitioner, including their registration number, year of qualification, year of registration and contact details. 

We'd welcome feedback on your experience of using the Register. If you'd like to share your feedback, please contact webmanager@osteopathy.org.uk or call 020 7357 6655 x228.

Fitness to practise decisions

Some fitness to practise decisions are indicated on the Register - please see the guidance on the right-hand side of this page for more information. Admonishments of osteopaths and registrants who have been removed from the Register after a fitness to practise hearing do not appear on the Register but information about these decisions are available on the Hearings findings page of this website and in our annual Fitness to Practise Reports.