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Views welcomed on draft Remote Hearing and Guidance Protocol

15 February 2022

We are inviting views on our draft Remote Hearings Guidance and Protocol.

The Interim Remote Hearings Protocol was designed to ensure our remote hearings, which we have held since the beginning of July 2020, run as smoothly as possible including by assisting those taking part.

It was developed to ensure that our approach to remote and blended hearings – where some attend in person at the GOsC’s hearing rooms, while others attend by video conference – is more fully understood, which will enhance the transparency of our procedures.

The draft Remote Hearings Guidance and Protocol is a revised version of the interim protocol, which includes:

  • a new section on identifying in advance cases that should be conducted in person or remotely
  • general updates on the conduct of the hearing and procedure
  • a new guide on using CaseLines, which is an electronic evidence preparation and presentation system that enables confidential hearing documents to be prepared, shared, and accessed, securely for fitness to practise hearings.

The deadline for responses to this consultation is 5 April 2022.

Read more and respond to the consultation