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Updated Osteopathic Practice Standards published

31 August 2018

The updated Osteopathic Practice Standards have been published and will come into effect next year, on 1 September 2019.

The Osteopathic Practice Standards set out the standards of conduct, ethics and competence required of osteopaths, and provide a framework to support osteopaths in providing a positive experience for their patients. They also play a central role in requirements for osteopathic training, and in gaining registration with the GOsC.

The modifications to the standards have been made following extensive consultation with stakeholders, and include:

  • bringing them up to date
  • reviewing the language throughout to improve readability
  • enhancing the guidance where necessary, and particularly in relation to candour and boundaries
  • reducing repetition and reducing the number of standards from 37 to 29
  • combining the standards of proficiency and code of practice into one set of standards
  • improving accessibility and navigability to make the updated standards easier for osteopaths to use in their everyday practice.

You can find out more about the specific changes that have been made and download a pdf of the updated standards at osteopathy.org.uk/ops.

We have repurposed the Osteopathic Practice Standards consultation website so you can now read the updated standards online from your PC, laptop or mobile device at standards.osteopathy.org.uk. The aim of this digital version is to give quick and easy access to the updated standards and accompanying guidance, which are presented by theme.

Although the standards have been published, they do not come into effect until next year because, under the Osteopaths Act 1993, the GOsC is required to publish the Osteopathic Practice Standards one year before they take effect. This gives osteopaths and osteopathic educational institutions the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the standards before they come into force.

We will be developing further case studies and resources and providing support to help osteopaths put the standards into practice.

Visit the Osteopathic Practice Standards microsite at standards.osteopathy.org.uk