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The ABC of CPD

15 February 2017

The new issue of the osteopath magazine explains how we are helping osteopaths prepare for the new approach to CPD.

the osteopath for February/March 2017 provides details of our newly launched CPD website (http://cpd.osteopathy.org.uk): a ‘one-stop shop’ to help you make the most of the new CPD scheme and its approach to learning. The site is designed to help osteopaths become familiar with all aspects of the new scheme by using the site’s wide range of learning resources. The new website is also a community where osteopaths can connect to discuss all things CPD, contributing blogs, signposting useful information, and sharing details of professional communities and meetings.

Other features include:

  • equality law and your practice
  • maintaining boundaries on social media
  • the Osteopathic Leadership Programme
  • draft guidance for osteopaths on our fitness to practise process
  • research updates
  • osteopathy in the performing arts
  • new NICE guidance on the management of low back pain
  • the Osteopathic Foundation
  • appropriate fees for copies of patient records
  • Bookshelf; and more.

Read the new issue at http://www.osteopathy.org.uk/news-and-resources/publications/the-osteopath/