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Share your views on new Hearings and Sanctions Guidance

25 September 2017

We are inviting views on our draft Hearings and Sanctions Guidance. The proposed changes aim to further enhance transparency and consistency in decision making by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) while ensuring that any sanction imposed by a Committee is both targeted and proportionate.

The guidance is being updated as part of a wider reform programme to modernise our fitness to practise processes and improve patient protection.

Proposed additions in the new Hearings and Sanctions Guidance include providing detailed guidance on the meaning of unacceptable professional conduct and professional incompetence.

The revised guidance will also help ensure that in the most serious cases, appropriate sanctions are imposed that take account of the confidence of the public, including upholding the standards of the osteopathic profession.

The draft new Hearings and Sanctions Guidance updates and widens the scope of the third edition of the Indicative Sanctions Guidance (2013), particularly duties relating to candour. It is designed to make parties to a hearing aware of the procedure and approach that will be taken by the PCC during the hearing and when imposing a sanction.

We previously sought input from the GOsC Fitness to Practise Forum and carried out a short period of consultation with interested parties from 21 March to 1 May 2017.

This consultation closes on 15 December 2017. Read the draft guidance and share your views at: bit.ly/Hearings-Sanctions-Guide-consult