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Read about our work in 2015-2016

9 September 2016

The GOsC’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2015-16 provides an overview of our work during this period as well as the financial report for the year.

During the year there was a major change to Council, which reduced in size from 14 to 10 members and a new Council took office on 1 April 2016.

Key projects highlighted in the report include:

  • the updating of guidance for students and osteopathic educational institutions on student fitness to practise and on disabilities and long-term health conditions;
  • promoting our Registration Marks, for use by osteopaths, which were introduced in 2014;
  • conclusion of the consultation on our proposed new CPD scheme, one of the most extensive consultations ever undertaken by the GOsC;
  • introducing new threshold criteria for fitness to practise cases which allow some cases to be closed at an early stage if they do not meet the criteria necessary to be considered unacceptable professional conduct. This helps to ensure that fitness to practise action is only taken in appropriate circumstances;
  • the commencement of work on the review of the Osteopathic Practice Standards, which were first published in 2011;
  • working in partnership with other leading osteopathic organisations on a shared agenda to further develop the profession, including the Osteopathic Leadership Programme, which was oversubscribed in its first year, and was successfully completed by all 20 participants.

You can read more of the year’s highlights in the Annual Report and Accounts, which is on our website at http://www.osteopathy.org.uk/news-and-resources/publications/annual-reports/

The report also includes information about how the GOsC is run and sets out our key objectives for 2016-2017.