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Raising our standards: our standards review in 'the osteopath' for April/May

20 April 2016

Have you added your voice to our review of the Osteopathic Practice Standards yet? Five years after they were first developed, we’re taking a critical look at the standards, their accompanying guidance and the resources we provide to help you meet them – we want to know where and how you think we can make improvements.

The April/May issue of the osteopath provides an update on the current review.

We are also making changes to the CPD scheme for osteopaths. We will begin implementing the new scheme in the coming months, and in this issue we explain how osteopaths can become ‘early adopters’.

Both the Osteopathic Practice Standards review and the introduction of the new CPD scheme are important projects in our new Corporate Strategy for 2016-2019, which is outlined in the magazine.

And to steer us through the next few years, we have a new and slimmed-down Council whose members are profiled in the new issue of the osteopath.

Also in this issue:

  • a Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes patient consent
  • new consultations on our guidance for students and educational institutions
  • one practice’s experience of gathering patient feedback through its website
  • the rewards of being a peer-reviewer for a research journal
  • CPD activities that develop osteopaths’ business and promotional skills
  • research update
  • book reviews
  • course diary

You can read the current and back issues on this website at http://www.osteopathy.org.uk/news-and-resources/publications/the-osteopath/