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New independent survey on osteopathy regulation to be launched

14 January 2020

A new independent survey will open next week asking osteopaths about their views and experiences of regulation and its impact on practice.

The University of Warwick has funded Professor Gerry McGivern and his team to run the new independent survey, which follows on from a previous survey in 2014.

The 2014 survey explored the factors that encourage or inhibit compliance with the Osteopathic Practice Standards (OPS).

Matthew Redford, GOsC’s Acting Chief Executive and Registrar, said: “The 2014 survey was a significant piece of work that was instrumental in providing evidence to inform our development of key policy areas such as the new CPD scheme and a continued programme of engagement, and helped to inform the 2019 OPS. This new research will help us to build on those important findings.”

Featured in the forthcoming January/February 2020 issue of The Osteopath magazine, Professor Gerry McGivern said: “I am excited to be conducting follow-up research to see whether and how osteopaths’ views and experiences of osteopathy regulation have changed since the 2014 study, and what the impact of recent regulatory changes has been.

“This new piece of research again aims to provide evidence informing regulation. We would therefore be grateful if you could participate in our new survey.”

The survey is expected to run from 20 January 2020 until 25 February 2020.