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National lockdown guidance published

5 January 2021

New guidance has been published by the Government, following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday of a further national lockdown in England

The Government’s guidance, ‘National Lockdown: Stay at Home’ sets out what individuals can and cannot do during this period of lockdown in England.

There is also specific guidance in place for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Our understanding continues to be that, in all four UK countries, osteopaths are not prohibited to practise and that members of the public are permitted under the new guidance to attend medical appointments as a ‘reasonable excuse’ for leaving home.

We urge osteopaths to familiarise themselves with the new guidance published by the Government and also to revisit the COVID-19 section of our website for our latest advice, which includes: our infection control guidance, our statement on osteopathic practice, our statement on remote consultations and a guide to telephone and remote consultations published by the Institute of Osteopathy.