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London osteopath removed from the GOsC Register

4 July 2024

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) has removed Amine El-Bacha from its Register of osteopaths.

On 30 June 2023 Mr El-Bacha, who was practising as an osteopath and a physiotherapist in London, was found guilty by the Crown Prosecution Service for charges of three counts of sexual assault relating to one patient.

Mr El-Bacha was then sentenced on 5 September 2023 to three years imprisonment and ordered to sign on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely. Mr El Bacha was suspended from practising as an osteopath while the criminal proceedings were ongoing.

Following the conclusion of the criminal court case, GOsC continued its investigation to determine whether Mr Amine El-Bacha was fit to practise osteopathy. The Professional Conduct Committee concluded that ’the Registrant’s behaviour was so serious as to be fundamentally incompatible with continued registration’. The Committee suggested it was therefore necessary to impose a sanction of removal from the register in order protect the public, uphold public confidence in the profession and to promote and maintain proper professional standards.

In light of the Committee’s conclusion that the osteopath poses a continuing risk to the public, it decided to impose an immediate interim order of suspension. This order will ensure Mr El Bacha stays removed from the Register during the 28 days following the date of the decision, during which he can appeal his removal from the Register.

Read the full hearing decision