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Last chance to give your views about new CPD rules

15 November 2017

Our consultation on amended CPD rules closes on 16 November and we welcome your views

The GOsC has developed and consulted on changes to its existing continuing professional development scheme (CPD) and in February 2016, Council agreed the new CPD scheme.

Osteopaths work mostly without teams and employers. Our new CPD scheme builds on the existing scheme and provides mechanisms that focus on maintaining high quality care for patients while mitigating the impact of professional isolation. There is no additional burden for osteopaths because no additional CPD hours are expected of them, ensuring a proportionate approach to regulation.

The consultation document sets out minor changes to the existing CPD rules, necessary in order to bring the new CPD scheme fully into effect.

Visit our consultation page at www.osteopathy.org.uk/about-us/our-work/consultations-and-events/cpd-rules-consultation/ to read the consultation document and send us your views.