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How prepared are you for the new CPD scheme?

1 November 2017

We are running our 2nd annual online CPD survey to help osteopaths review and reflect on their CPD.

The CPD Evaluation Questionnaire will take about 30 minutes to complete. Osteopaths can claim CPD time and reflect on what CPD activities they chose this year and why.

They can also explore how much of the new CPD scheme forms part of what they are already doing in the current CPD scheme.

Completing this CPD questionnaire will:

  • help us to tailor resources and support to help osteopaths undertake the new CPD scheme;
  • enable osteopaths to consider their CPD and practice – it therefore counts as CPD which osteopaths can claim on their CPD form;
  • help osteopaths to consider how CPD contributes to safe practice and enhance patient care.

Osteopaths will be able to claim 30 minutes of CPD for completion of the questionnaire, along with any additional time spent reflecting on the content of the survey and what that means for them, either individually or collectively with a colleague.

The survey runs from November 2017 to January 2018 and can be found at bit.ly/CPDsurvey17