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GOsC updates Enforcement Policy to help protect osteopathic title

12 July 2022

It is a criminal offence for people to describe themselves as an osteopath if they are not on the GOsC Register. Our Enforcement Policy Statement explains how we decide whether to take enforcement action against a person who is not on our Register.

Earlier this year we undertook a rapid review of our Enforcement Policy which was introduced in 2014. While the policy remained current, we considered that it could be enhanced by, for example, adding examples of successful prosecutions we have brought in the past.

We also identified that some references in the policy needed to be updated, and most notably, that the policy needed to include the amendments made by the Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Act 2015 which added the overarching objective of the protection of the public in the exercise of our functions.

This overarching statutory objective of protection of the public and the range of different ways we work with the public and osteopathic profession to promote patient safety are therefore now referenced in the policy.

GOsC Director of Fitness to Practise, Sheleen McCormack, said: ‘We consider the amendments to our Enforcement Policy Statement enhance, but not alter, our approach. Our aim is to ensure that the principles and the approach we take to protect the osteopathic title from unlawful use remains relevant, clear and transparent.’

If you have concerns that a person calling themselves an osteopath is not on our Register, please email regulation@osteopathy.org.uk to arrange to speak to a trained adviser who will discuss your concerns with you and help with next steps.

Read the GOsC’s Enforcement Policy Statement: Protecting the osteopathic title.